Mr Wong, Kepong

I feel the difference once I use Timing Waterless coolant on my car. I can hear the engine running better than ever, it’s good stuff. Most everyone knows that changing your oil regularly is the most important thing you can do to keep your engine running correctly. The right oil can improve mileage, increase performance, and lengthen your engine life.


En Affendi, Balakong

This stuff is amazing. I bought it when Timing Waterless Coolant was running a special promotion. I was very surprised at how much difference it made over regular one. My engine runs a lot smoother and quieter. I will be buying again.


Mr Chin, Puchong

I bought Timing Waterless Coolant and try it myself. What can I say, its a good oil at a great price. I like it very much!   I will most defiantly convince my friends to switch to Timing Waterless Coolant in the future.


Jessi, Petaling Jaya

After trying different coolant, I concluded Timing Waterless Coolant is the one I would pick from. Car runs smoother and the idle settles quicker and more consistently in comparison to other coolant or other cheaper brands of coolant.